Our Fundraisers

PattyPacks would love to thrive off of the generosity of its supporters. Who would not want to do as little work as possible and still achieve all of their goals? However, it just is not that simple. We graciously accept and generate charitable contributions and we hope that source of funding grows in time, but as we try to meet the demands of 1300 annual PattyPacks we recognize that additional funding sources can come through fundraising events that will also allow the organization to spread its name and mission.
We are glad to consider fundraising events hosted by our supporters and would love the opportunity to discuss such an event with you. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser with PattyPacks as a beneficiary, please use the Contact page to let us know how we can get involved.

Below, please find a brief rundown of a couple of the fundraising events that we have held in our two years of existence.

Whether you donate money or supplies, participate in our race and other fundraising events or host fundraising event(s)/supply drives of your own we consider you part of the PattyPacks Team!

PattyPacks Pancake Supper

​The annual pancake supper event is held as an opportunity to enjoy food and fellowship amongst supporters of PattyPacks’ mission.  The event is open to anyone and everyone and occurs around the commencement of the school year so that as many participants as possible may have the opportunity to attend.  Read more about the Pancake Supper here.


Warm A Heart PattyPacks Race

The Warm A Heart PattyPacks Race is a half marathon, 10K run and 5K run/walk through Lexington, South Carolina.  The event takes place in early December and has been affiliated with the Town of Lexington’s Snowball Festival as the kickoff to the holiday themed weekend.  In 2014, PattyPacks and Run Hard joined forces to add the half marthon element.  Read more about the Race here.

Other Corporate or Organizational Fundraisers​

PattyPacks has also been the recipient beneficiary of several fundraising events held by businesses or other organizations.  For example, in the spring of 2012, Lake Murray Elementary School in Lexington hosted a family fun run in which PattyPacks received the proceeds from their fundraising efforts.  In the winter of 2013, Gilbert Elementary School had their Royal Flush fundraiser amongst the students and staff.  We have also had corporate entities put together jeans days and other events in the name of PattyPacks.  Please contact us if your organization has interest in putting together a fundraiser as we would love to partake!



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